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If you are looking to straighten your teeth with clear or accelerated braces. Metro Smiles is here to help.

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Orthodontic treatment or “teeth straightening” is as much about staying healthy as it is about looking good. When your teeth are straight and in the right position, they help you to chew and eat properly. They are also easier to keep clean, and less at risk from tooth decay or injury.

Dental Braces

Teeth can be out of alignment for several reasons. Overcrowding, protruding or missing teeth can mean crookedness and a “bad bite” (also called a malocclusion), as well as being unsightly. Not being able to bite properly may cause undue wear on some teeth, make others harder to keep clean, and lead to cavities and gum disease.

Orthodontic treatment from our specialists at Metro Smiles is a gentle, gradual treatment to move your teeth into the right position, using braces or other suitable methods. While orthodontic treatment is often given to children and young people, it can help people of all ages to look and feel better.

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