Dental Extractions

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If you are looking to straighten your teeth with clear or accelerated braces. Metro Smiles is here to help.

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Dental Extractions

Our dentists will always first look for ways to ensure strength and health for each of your teeth. Where possible, a damaged tooth will be repaired using a solution like a filling, an inlay, or a crown. In some cases, however, dental extraction may be best or only option.

Dental Extractions

Unrepairable tooth damage is not the only reason for dental extractions. For example, wisdom teeth may grow in awkward positions, offering no help for normal eating and chewing, and simply causing irritation or pain instead. Overcrowding (too many teeth) can lead to crooked or protruding teeth and further dental problems. Dental extractions in these cases can be the best way forward to better dental health.

Metro Smiles has highly qualified dentists who can perform both simple extractions, and more complex ones for teeth irremediably broken below the gum line or that have not yet become visible, like impacted wisdom teeth. We can also advise you on suitable tooth replacement solutions afterwards.

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